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    FREE SHIPPING when you buy 3 or more six-packs of Linkable Binder Clips.

    FREE SUCTION CUP with every order. 1-3/4” super strong suction cup is great for hanging clips on windows, refrigerators, etc.

    LINKABLE BINDER CLIPS have a million more uses that traditional paper binder clips.

    HANG ANYTHING: Phone; Glasses; Food; Spices; Razor; Pictures; Cards; Pants; Shirts; Calendars; Monsters; Teeth.

    USE IN: Car; Kitchen; Bathroom; Garage; Closet; School; Office; Home; Bedroom; Space Ship.

    ORGANIZE: Papers; Files; Cords; Spices; Glasses; Chips; Cloths; Screws, Gloves; Veggies.

    CREATE: Animals; Monster Trucks; Dragons; Rockets; Towers; Planes, Fun and Games.

    UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITES with Kitty Linkable Binder Clips. Six 1-inch Robo Clips included in each package in each of the following colors: red, purple, blue, orange, yellow and green.

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