About Us

Hi from ClippyDoo headquarters here in Sunny Portland Oregon.  My name is Jeff and I am the owner and creator of ClippyDoo’s products.  We offer a line of patented Linkable Binder Clips.  We like to think of them as Legos for adults….and kids.

ClippyDoo is an extension of my personality.  I am known as a kid at heart.  I love to make everything fun and a game as my kids, wife, family, and friends will attest to.  So why not make work and organizing fun.

At first our product looks simplistic. The best products are simple yet sophisticated at the same time – just like me!  When re-inventing a product it must truly improve the upon the original. We have done that! Linkable binder clips are a million times more useful, fun, and creative than standard binder clips.  The arm shapes spark interest and their Linkability create inspiration while also having functionality .

I love the challenge of puzzles and games.  I also love organization and get an incredible sense of satisfaction when coming up with one perfect way, out of an infinite number of options, to organize something.

I hope you too get the same excitement and sense of achievement  that I do every time I come up with a new use.

The ClippyDoo Family

Meet the Face, Arms, and Dinosaur behind ClippyDoo.

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