Robo Binder Clip

Robo Binder Clip


FREE SHIPPING when you buy 3 or more six-packs of Linkable Binder Clips.

FREE SUCTION CUP with every order.  1-3/4” super strong suction cup is great for hanging clips on windows, refrigerators, etc.

LINKABLE BINDER CLIPS have a million more uses that traditional paper binder clips.

HANG ANYTHING: Phone; Glasses; Food; Spices; Razor; Pictures; Cards; Pants; Shirts; Calendars; Monsters; Teeth.

USE IN: Car; Kitchen; Bathroom; Garage; Closet; School; Office; Home; Bedroom; Space Ship.

ORGANIZE: Papers; Files; Cords; Spices; Glasses; Chips; Cloths; Screws, Gloves; Veggies.

CREATE: Animals; Monster Trucks; Dragons; Rockets; Towers; Planes, Fun and Games.

UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITES with Robo Linkable Binder Clips. Six 1-inch Robo Clips included in each package in each of the following colors: red, purple, blue, orange, yellow and green.

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Each package includes 6 medium(1-inch wide) Linkable Binder Clips. Clip mouths can be opened to hold objects just under 1/2-inch wide. Clip dimensions are 1” in length by 1/2” wide by 2-1/8” high.  Each package includes one clip of each of the following colors: Red, Purple: Blue; Orange; Yellow; and Green. Each clip includes one Robo Arm and one Hook Arm. The clips are made of metal and the hook on the end of the Hook Arm is made of plastic. They have the perfect amount of clipping tension. Strong clamps for almost every use. Easy to open because of added leverage from their extra-long arms.