The Ultimate Binder Clip

Ultimate Clips

Yes, the Ultimate Binder Clip, the name says it all.  It is the Ultimate, the best, the leader for all Linkable Binder Clips. But what or who is it really? There is not mascot or illustration portraying how it sees it’s self when looking in the mirror. We here at ClippyDoo picture part unstoppable and strong like the Robot Clip and part stealthy and smart like the Kitty Clip.

Rumor has it the Ultimate Clip was originally referred to as the People Clip.  We are not sure why.  It was a long time ago and it sort of sounded like paper clip and it originally had a round head and looked like a person.

The current day Ultimate Binder Clip is thought to be under cover.  In some “work” environments it might not be appropriate to be to bring your Kitty or Robot.  So the Ultimate Linkable Binder Clip is thought of as the James Bond of our clips.  It is well dressed, smooth and sophisticated, and can help you out in any situation.